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HiSolution was founded in 2014 by Artur Pawlak, a builder with a passion for rock climbing and caving,

who had already been utilising his skills working in rope access. "I have always loved heights," says Artur "As a kid I would climb bridges, cranes, chimneys -- anything really, for fun".

Curiosity and a thirst for adventure took him into the world of rock climbing, caving and ice climbing.

Developing advanced rope techniques was a result of pursuing his passions.

"My father had a roofing business in Poland, so I learned a lot of building and roofing skills working with him". Combining the passion for climbing with working in construction and at height was a natural next step and for many years Artur worked for rope access companies in a variety of roles, from a technician to a team leader and eventually, an inspector and trainer for using safety equipment at height in a British company .
Curiosity and a thirst for adventure took him into the world of rock climbing, caving and ice climbing.

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After more than ten years of gathering skills and experience working for others,

Artur decided to create his own unique team of skilled construction technicians with a background in abseiling, rock climbing and caving to combine his work and his passions in a viable business -- and that's how HiSolution was born.

Since 2014 we have worked on more than 200 projects.

We continuously develop professionally, taking part in roofing and rope access training courses -- but we also still love getting high up for the sheer exhilaration of it, go rock climbing on our days off and participate in rope access competitions.

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With over 12 years’ of experience and ongoing training and development, HiSolution has developed a deep understanding of both roofing and the wider work-at-height industry, making them experts in their field, making them experts in their field.


HiSolution has a proven track record of reliable delivery, ensuring that your project is completed on time and to a high standard.


HiSolution has built a reputation for quality, honesty and reliability, gaining the trust of over 3000 satisfied customers.
top quality workmanship

Top-Quality Workmanship

HiSolution is committed to developing optimal solutions delivered to the highest standard of workmanship in all their projects. We prioritise quality and long-term solutions at fair prices.
comprehensive roofing services

Comprehensive Range of Services

HiSolution offers a broad range of traditional roofing and rope access services to meet the needs of various projects realised at various sites; from single-family homes to large tenement buildings to industrial and commercial structures.
customer focus approach

Customer-friendly Approach

HiSolution aims to complete projects in a way that makes working with us as stress-free and pleasant as possible. Transparent pricing, comprehensive information and polite & considerate crews all come as a standard.
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Professional, efficient, friendly & reliable roofing services in Edinburgh

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From leak investigations and roof repairs to slate work, lead work and flat roofs, our team has you covered. Contact us now for the best solution to all your roofing problems.
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Gutters & Downpipes

Clear gutters, clear mind. Protect your home from the unpredictable Scottish weather with professional gutter and downpipes cleaning and repair services.
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Chimneys & Masonry

Repair and maintain your chimney and masonry to protect your most valuable asset - your home. All work is done safely and in compliance with building codes.
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Rope Access

Rope access techniques are used to reach inaccessible areas that traditional techniques cannot reach. This method is safe, effective and time-efficient.
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Roof Care Package

Prevent costly repairs down the line by protecting and prolonging the life of your roof. Get in touch to get started and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is well-maintained.
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Other Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including painting, bird spikes installation, window restoration and more. Take a look at our other available services.
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