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Save money by prolonging the life of your roof with regular inspections and maintenance
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Why Do I Need A Roof Maintenance Program in Edinburgh

"You need a new roof".  Let's face it, this is the last thing you want to hear. You know what it means to your wallet, time and stress levels. No roof lasts forever and at some point, maybe every 40 years, maybe every 100 depending on the type of roof material, a new roof will be necessary.

However, regular roof maintenance (once or twice a year) can:

  • prolong the roof's life, protect the building,
  • improve your home's energy efficiency,
  • curb appeal in case you want to sell,
  • avoid not just the huge expense but stress and major hassle of big repairs by preventing minor problems from developing into major issues.

Our ROOF CARE PACKAGE is available all year round to suit your requirements and works for our residential and commercial clients.

Prevent water damage.
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Prevent water damage

Without regular maintenance, small problems such as slipped slates, broken tiles or minor damage to gutters can easily become a major leak, causing water damage to your property, inside and out, and sometimes even structural damage.

What's included in the Roof Care Package

At Hi Solution, our roof maintenance program ensures the longevity of your roofing system, and each visit includes these services:

Visual inspection

Visual inspections of the condition of the roof with a photographic report (including guttering, flashings, cupolas, chimney heads and pots for signs of possible damage and deterioration to give you an indication of any future works that may be required

Up to 10 slates and minor repairs

Prompt reactive repair of any small problems, such as up 10 slates fixed or replaced, rusting nails, minor damage to guttering, cracks in mortar and similar, that can be done within the allocated visit time

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning and clearing of gutters and downpipe heads, ensuring the free flow of water from the roof and away from the walls of the building.
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Prevent water damage.
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HiSolution has a proven track record of reliable delivery, ensuring that your project is completed on time and to a high standard.


HiSolution has built a reputation for quality, honesty and reliability, gaining the trust of over 3000 satisfied customers.
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Top-Quality Workmanship

HiSolution is committed to developing optimal solutions delivered to the highest standard of workmanship in all their projects. We prioritise quality and long-term solutions at fair prices.


With over 12 years’ of experience and ongoing training and development, HiSolution has developed a deep understanding of both roofing and the wider work-at-height industry, making them experts in their field, making them experts in their field.
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Comprehensive Range of Services

HiSolution offers a broad range of traditional roofing and rope access services to meet the needs of various projects realised at various sites; from single-family homes to large tenement buildings to industrial and commercial structures.
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HiSolution aims to complete projects in a way that makes working with us as stress-free and pleasant as possible. Transparent pricing, comprehensive information and polite & considerate crews all come as a standard.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, just drop us a line.

How often should I maintain the roof?

We recommend that a roof is given a good visual check and gutters are cleaned at least once a year. Even better, twice a year, before and after the winter. This is especially recommended for older roofs, roofs particularly exposed to the elements or made from less durable materials. In every case, a check should be made after heavy weather events, including gales, very heavy rain, snow or hail. Each such check will prompt any minor repairs, which should completed as soon as an issue is discovered, to avoid further damage.

How do you maintain the roof?

The basics of roof maintenance consists of visual inspections, gutter cleaning and dealing with repairs of small issues such as individual slipped slates or minor leaks.

Depending on the specifics of the property, clearing of watergates, removing rubbish accumulated in roof valleys, or removing moss covering roof tiles might also form a part of required roof maintenance.

Why do I need an annual roof maintenance program?

In a nutshell? Because regular maintenance is likely to save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run, by preventing small issues turning into big ones; and by spotting signs of damage early. This is a perfect example of "a slate in time saves nine".

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Save money by prolonging the life of your roof with a regular roof inspection & maintenance

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Cast iron gutter repair & replacement

Cast iron gutters are tough and durable but can suffer from wear and tear over time. We specialise in repairing and replacing gutters and downpipes, as well as fascias and roofs, ensuring your property is protected from water damage.

Gutters are in the first line of defence against water ingress and the resulting damage to your property. While cast-iron guttering lasts for a very long time and can withstand the worst vagaries of our Scottish weather for many years, it will eventually deteriorate.

Fixing any damage promptly will extend the working life of gutters, delaying the need for replacement. Many gutter leaks occur on joints, and tightening the joints will go a long way towards keeping your home dry.
In some cases, the gutters might need levelling up, or brackets need replaced. This will improve the fall of the gutter and might prevent overflowing in heavy rain. It makes sense to fix any such issues early on.

Gutter leak tracing and repair

Keep your gutters in top shape. Our skilled technicians will locate the source of the problem and provide quick, effective repairs to keep your gutters working like they should.

Just as with repairing more obvious damage, finding the source of a leak in the guttering and promptly fixing whatever is causing it will go a long way towards preventing water damage to your house. This way, larger scale damage to the guttering as well as the house itself can be avoided at a relatively low cost.

Tracing the source of a leak in the guttering is not always completely straightforward. What might appear as a damaged gutter could turn out to be an issue with the gutter levelling, or even one blocked downpipe out of several. Careful investigation usually allows for reliable identifying of the source of problems and repair. This kind of investigation is ideally done during a moderate to heavy rain.

Whether your roof has suffered from storm damage, general wear and tear, or a bit of neglect, we understand the disruption and stress that roof problems and water ingress cause, and we will do everything we can to provide the best solution for your needs: long-lasting, safe, and fairly priced.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance

Prevent water damage and protect your home with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance services. We will remove debris and unclog downpipes to ensure proper water flow.

Guttering that works is crucial for keeping your property dry. Blocked gutters mean water not draining correctly from your roof. This is true about rainwater and snowmelt.

Water that’s not correctly drained via gutters and downpipes will find its way down: it might overflow the blocked gutter, it might seep into spaces between the guttering and the soffit/facia. This way it might end up hitting a specific spot on the wall, window or another part of the building, and damaging it. Walls and joinery are not built to withstand concentrated attack from streams of water.

Badly drained rainwater accumulating at the ground level can also undermine the foundations. That’s why keeping the gutters clear will ensure your home remains dry, safe and structurally sound for much longer. Contact us today to book your gutter clean.

Flat roofs

Flat roofs have their important place among the roofing services we offer, including traditional built-up felt roofing solutions and the more modern single-ply membrane systems.

Despite appearing deceptively simple, proper installation and maintenance of flat roofs in Scottish weather conditions includes dealing with issues such as water pooling and general susceptibility to weather damage. Felt work requires specialised skills and experience, just as other types of roofing, and HiSolution teams have those in abundance.

Downpipe repair and painting

Are your downpipes in need of repair or a fresh coat of paint?
Downpipes are an essential part of the building drainage system. The water flowing in the gutters needs the downpipes to flow safely away from the roof, walls and foundations of the building. That’s why keeping the downpipes in a good condition is as essential as maintaining the free flow of water in the gutters.

It is also important to keep the downpipes from getting blocked by making sure that downpipe heads are protected by suitable mesh devices. In the case of blocked downpipes, correct rodding techniques will help avoid transferring the blockage underground, where it would be much harder to deal with.

Removing vegetation from downpipe joints will protect not just the downpipe itself, but the nearby masonry joints from damage. And in addition to the aesthetic appeal, maintaining the paintwork on the downpipes in good condition will prevent them from prematurely rusting and ageing.