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What we do:

Leak investigation

Roof leak detection and repairs

Just as with repairing more obvious damage, finding the source of a leak and promptly fixing whatever is causing the problem will go a long way towards preventing water damaging your property, avoiding a larger scale damage at a relatively low cost.

Tracing the source of a leak is not always completely straightforward. Sometimes a “roof leak” turns out to be a problem with gutters, or vice versa. Often the solution is simple and straightforward, and a couple of missing slates are the culprit.

On other occasions, more complex investigations might be needed. It’s always best to see to any roof issues as soon as they appear, to minimise later damage.

From leak investigations and roof repairs to slate work, lead work and flat roofs, our team has you covered. Contact us now for the best solution to all your roofing problems.
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Roof repairs

Roof repair and renovation services

Our experienced roofing team specialises in slate work and tile work, providing reliable and long-lasting solutions to ensure that your property stays safe and dry in unforgiving Scottish weather.

Whether your roof has suffered from storm damage, general wear and tear, or a bit of neglect, we understand the disruption and stress that roof problems and water ingress cause, and we will do everything we can to provide the best solution for your needs: long-lasting, safe, and fairly priced.

We cannot fix the Scottish weather but we can fix your roof. Our  roofing team will provide reliable and long-lasting repairs to keep your property safe and dry. Don't wait until things get worse - get in touch now to protect your property and avoid bigger costs and stress later.
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Leadwork installation, restoration and replacement

Lead work  - the “silver thing”

Lead work is an essential part of traditional Scottish roofing skillset. Extremely durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant, lead elements provide a much needed protection to vital parts of roofing structures, and particularly all kinds of joins.

Lead is malleable and fairly easy to work with without using very high temperatures, and will not crack in the cold. This means that wherever there is a join between two surfaces, whether flat or especially, at an angle, lead can provide an excellent seal.

That is why lead is commonly used in flashings (e.g. chimney flashing, and other flashings), for the construction of watergates, and similar applications.

Lead work is a key part of traditional Scottish roofing. Extremely durable, long-lasting and weather-resistant, lead elements provide a much needed protection to vital parts of roofing structure, and particularly all kinds of joins.
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Flat roof installation, replacement and repair & felt work solutions

Flat roofs

Flat roofs have their important place among the roofing services we offer, including traditional built-up felt roofing solutions and the more modern single-ply membrane systems.

Despite appearing deceptively simple, proper installation and maintenance of flat roofs in Scottish weather conditions includes dealing with issues such as water pooling and general susceptibility to weather damage. Felt work requires specialised skills and experience, just as other types of roofing, and HiSolution teams have those in abundance.

Flat roofs have their important place among the roofing services we offer, including traditional built-up felt roofing solutions and the more modern single-ply membrane systems. Read more…
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Roof care package

Regular maintenance to prevent stress and expense by catching

Prevent costly repairs down the line, protect your roof and prolong its life. Our Roof Maintenance Package is an affordable service that ensures that any damage to your roof will be caught early, and that the gutters and downpipes are working at their best to keep the water draining away efficiently.

Consisting of a thorough visual inspection, gutter cleaning and fixing of small damage e.g. individual slipped slates, the package is your key to experiencing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is well-protected.

We recommend the service is performed twice a year, and annually at the minimum.

Prevent costly repairs down the line . Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your roof is well-protected. Our  Package is an affordable service that prolongs the life of your roof, gutters and downpipes.
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HiSolution offers a no-obligation quote and assessment visit, allowing customers to assess their services without any pressure to commit.

Roof repair examples:

Santa vertical delivery
Santa vertical delivery
Roof leak repair
Roof leak repair
Copulas work
Copulas work
Felt roof repair
Felt roof repair
Flat roof works
Flat roof works
Lead work
Lead work
Slate work
Slate work
Roof replacement
Roof replacement

Latest roofing projects

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HiSolution has a proven track record of reliable delivery, ensuring that your project is completed on time and to a high standard.


HiSolution has built a reputation for quality, honesty and reliability, gaining the trust of over 3000 satisfied customers.
top quality workmanship

Top-Quality Workmanship

HiSolution is committed to developing optimal solutions delivered to the highest standard of workmanship in all their projects. We prioritise quality and long-term solutions at fair prices.


With over 12 years’ of experience and ongoing training and development, HiSolution has developed a deep understanding of both roofing and the wider work-at-height industry, making them experts in their field, making them experts in their field.
comprehensive roofing services

Comprehensive Range of Services

HiSolution offers a broad range of traditional roofing and rope access services to meet the needs of various projects realised at various sites; from single-family homes to large tenement buildings to industrial and commercial structures.
customer focus approach

Customer-friendly Approach

HiSolution aims to complete projects in a way that makes working with us as stress-free and pleasant as possible. Transparent pricing, comprehensive information and polite & considerate crews all come as a standard.

Your Roof fixed right, guaranteed!

Our goal is to fix your roof in just one visit, and our team is equipped to handle any situation. If, for any reason, the repair cannot be completed in one visit, we will return as many times as necessary until the job is done right.
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Roofing in Edinburgh -Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, just drop us a line.

I have got a quote from your competition and they are using ropes, not scaffolding. Why?

HiSolution has its roots in the rope access industry. Our founder and several techs are IRATA certified and we were among the pioneers of using this access method for roofing jobs in Edinburgh. And we still do, when it makes sense for the job at hand.

We aim to provide the best solution for our customers’ problems.

A solution that will be durable, and which we believe to be the best value for money long term. We are not wedded to a specific method of access.We do understand that people have different priorities, and that sometimes the budget is a major constraint, and will always try to accommodate such limitations if it’s possible without compromising safety or quality.

How often should I get my roof inspected in Scotland?

We recommend that a roof is given a thorough visual check at least once a year, ideally twice a year. Such an inspection, together with gutter cleaning and basic repairs of small issues such as slipped slates, forms an essential part of our Roof Maintenance Package.

Regardless of the regular checks, a heavy storm or extremely heavy rain should also trigger a check of the roof to make sure its integrity and protective role have not been compromised. The actual frequency of required inspections will depend on specific factors, such as the age of the roof, the building materials, and the aspect and exposure to extreme weather.

How do I prevent leaks and other damage to my roof?

The most important step in helping your roof do its job is keeping your gutters clean and free of debris to ensure proper water drainage.Trimming overhanging tree branches that could cause damage during heavy storms might be helpful too. Regular checks play an important role, as does checking for leaks in your attic and on the ceiling after heavy rain or snow.

Maintaining proper ventilation of the roofspace helps prevent damp, mould and rotting of the wooden elements of the structure of the roof as well as sarking boards. And finally, prompt repairs of small-scale damage will go a long way in preventing severe issues.

How long does a slate roof typically last?

Slate is recognised for its durability and a well built slate roof can last for up to 100 years or even longer. This will, to some extent, depend on the location (exposed sites or ones in regions with particularly heavy weather or pollution fare less well), the type and origin of  slates used and the maintenance over the years.

The most common types of slate used for roofing projects in Scotland are Welsh slate, Scottish slate and Spanish slate.

The Welsh slate is often thought to be the best, with the Scottish slate (particularly the excellent Ballachulish slate) a close second. As slate quarrying is all but non-existent in Scotland now, reuse is the only realistic option for obtaining that material.

Spanish slate has become more and more popular recently, and is typically the most affordable option, though a less durable one with a lifespan of up to 50 years. Regular maintenance, including inspections and repairs will ensure that your slate roof lasts as long as it can.

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