Garage Flat Roof Replacement


Ever seen an old, worn-out roof trying its best to make a convincing waterfall impression? 🌊 Well, we have just met one! Years and years of flat roof damage had water wreaking havoc on the wood inside. But fear not! We kicked out the rotten wood and rolled out the VIP treatment with a 3-layer torch-on felt system. 🎩🔥 And there's more! We didn't stop there. Once in, we removed the capstones, bid goodbye to the ancient felt, swapped out the wood, and gave it a shiny new UPVC gutter system. Talk about a roof glow-up! 🏠✨

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Colinton Road

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Our goal is to fix your roof the first time, and we manage this more than 9 times out of 10.  If, for any reason, the repair cannot be completed as planned we will return as many times as necessary until the job is done, with no extra charge. T&C apply.

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