Roof Debris Removal and Gutter Cleaning


We were requested to clean the roof and guttering at a student accomodation building in Haymarket, as well as carry out a visual roof inspection.

For all buildings, but particularly so for larger commercial buildings equipped with guttering, it is very important to perform regular cleaning of rainwater outlets and gutters. Debris tends to accumulate over time, potentially blocking drains and leading to water ingress and even flooding of the buildings. Within the commercial realm, maintenance involves more than practical building care. It also involves strict compliance with health and safety standards, and maintaining meticulous records. These standards necessitate the creation and adherence to formal Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) before any work can commence.

On this particular occasion, it was crucial to employ a safety system that was installed and tested beforehand. This system was necessary for our safe operation on the roof, particularly in proximity to the edges. It was designed to prevent any falls, ensuring that our technicians could work without unnecessary risk.

This is what we did when working on this project:

1) Preparation of a Safe Work Plan and Method of Execution (RAMS): Prior to beginning any project of this type, we draft a thorough plan detailing our proposed methods of execution. This plan incorporates safety measures, ensuring compliance with all necessary health and safety standards.
2) Use of Specialized Rope Access Equipment: To safely and effectively reach all necessary areas of the roof, we utilize specialised rope access equipment. This equipment has been thoroughly tested and is regularly inspected to maintain its reliability and safety.
3) Cleaning of Rainwater Goods and the Entire Flat Roof Surface: We take great care in cleaning all aspects of the roof, from the rainwater goods to the flat roof surface. This comprehensive cleaning helps prevent blockages and potential flooding.
4) Visual Inspection of the Roof to Identify Potential Causes of Leaks: A crucial part of our process is the visual inspection of the roof. We search for any signs of damage or wear that could lead to leaks. Identifying these issues early allows us to take preventative measures, saving our customers time and money down the line.

Client feedback:
NIDO Haymarket-Student Accommodation

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