Chimney Restoration Marchmont Edinburgh

Ediburgh / Marchmont

We were invited to conduct a tenement roof survey in Marchmont, where it turned out that one of the chimneys had cracked render and a damaged cope. The chimney is located above the main entrance of the building and required attention. The work involved dismantling the entire cope, constructing formwork for a new screed, and applying a new render. It was important to ensure that water wouldn't accumulate on the cope but freely drain away. The replacement of the render required removing the old one and applying two layers of render, on which we imitated stone to harmonize with the rest of the building and its architecture.

Services provided:

  • Scaffolding installation.
  • New chimney capping.
  • New render application.
  • Installation of chimney cowls.
  • Agreed upon an Annual Roof Care Package.
Client feedback:

Tenement chimney repairs - haunching, coping and render works along with repointing and cupola repair works. The works were carried out to high standard. Communication by all members of the team on start date, progress and completion was clear, professional and friendly. Additional minor items, noticed during the course of the works were carried out at no additional cost. Invoice was backed up by images of works during construction and upon completion. Upon completion the roof was cleaned, debris and existing superfluous items removed.

Norman Forsyth

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