Complete Gutter Replacement

Edinburgh / Dalmeny Street

Recently we have been asked to repair an overflowing cast iron gutter in a 4-floor tenement building in Leith. None of the cleaning and unclogging had helped long term. It turned out that the gutter was not correctly levelled.

When a gutter lacks the proper slope towards the downpipe, the debris from the roof, carried by rainwater or wind, ends up accumulating in the gutter. Over time, this accumulation can lead to clogging of the gutter and will inevitably cause water to overflow from the edges, affecting the walls below.

Incorrect gutter levelling can have different causes, from incorrect installation to begin with to weight of snow and ice during harsh winters bending the brackets. Some of it is just natural wear and tear.

Either way, proper gutter levelling is crucial for effective water drainage, preventing flooding and stagnant water remaining in the gutters even on dry days. It also prevents debris and pollutants from causing blockages.

Once we knew what the problem was, it was time for HiSolution to implement the correct solution. To tackle this issue properly, scaffolding was needed.The work involved was complex and safe and stable access at significant height of over 20m (approximately 70 feet). We decided, after consulting this with the residents, to replace the entire gutter system with a new cast iron gutter. We also chose a larger size of 5 inches, to ensure the gutters were able to deal with even the heaviest of Scottish winter rain and sleet.

By completing this repair, we've successfully ensured proper water drainage and significantly improved the overall functionality and durability of the gutter system. If your gutters require a thorough audit and makeover (but also for regular cleaning and clearing) get in touch for professional advice and solutions that work, from HiSolution.

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