What is rope access?

Rope access is a work form originally developed from rock climbing and caving techniques, which allows workers to access difficult to reach locations such roofs or third floor windows. If you’re having any sort of work done on your house, rope access workers are a great team to choose. This option is not only cheaper, but safer and more convenient than scaffolding.

What are the benefits?

Our technicians at HiSolution Rope Access Edinburgh suspend from fully checked harnesses to get the job done efficiently and securely.

Using rope access eliminates the possibility of falls that tend to happen when working with scaffolding. It allows workers to move quickly and in a flexible way which means we can tailor the work that is to be done to fit around your needs.

The Irata (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International System supports technicians to carry out their work without disrupting the work of others or the surrounding environment.It is a two rope, fail-to-safe method that now holds member companies in every continent.

It’s important to know that the way we carry out our work at Rope Access Edinburgh means we’re less of an eye-sore than scaffolding, which will keep your neighbours happy.

Rope Access keeps our work hours lower than scaffolding users, which makes for a better guide price for you. We don’t need much time to set up and we don’t have to hop between different heights of scaffolding!

How do you know rope access is safe?

All of our work is planned out to the smallest detail and documented risk assessments are carried out for every job we take on. No corners are cut and we work to make sure you have every confidence in us.

Irata continuously updates its procedures and we make sure we’re up to date with these. All our technicians are trained up on new developments to stay safe on the job.

When is rope access used?

At HiSolution, we focus on roofing work and pest control. However, rope access is also used by window cleaners, offshore oil and gas workers and miners across the world. You may additionally see the system used when working with natural environments, power, shipping and harbours.

How does it compare to other construction methods?

Scaffolding and access tower hire can be pricey. It will cost you around £400 to hire the average access tower, then there’s the work and time that has to be put into setting it up. There’s also a huge amount of risk that comes with this.

It is possible for builders to fall from a height during both assembly or use of scaffolding. A rope access system requires little set up and a higher level of safety for workers who are physically strapped in.

Rope access reduces construction time and requires less bulky equipment, making it perfect to perform a seamless job on your home. Hard to reach areas won’t pose the same problems as they do for scaffolding, and rope access doesn’t require as much open space - perfect for terraced houses.

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