Why you should choose rope access for railway maintenance

Keeping railways in perfect condition is crucial to keep trains arriving on time and people using the service - no one wants to pay to visit a tired-looking station and never get to work on time. While you may not believe it at first, rope access is one of the very best ways to maintain railway stations- tackling everything from cleaning windows to fitting bird spikes. Here we’ll go through every reason why you should choose rope access.

First of all, what is rope access?

Rope access was developed from rock climbing and caving techniques to allow technicians to access difficult to reach areas and high locations hoisted by rope. Rope access eliminates the possibility of falls which can happen when using scaffolding, and workers can move around buildings much more flexibly.

Technicians can tackle everything

No matter the job at hand, rope access technicians can help. The rope access industry is super versatile, with technicians working on cleaning, repairing, and even inspecting buildings on a daily basis. Rope access is also great for those hard to reach areas where scaffolding doesn’t quite make the cut - we can make our way into the most confined spaces quickly and safely.

Rope access is really efficient

While scaffolding can take hours simply to put up and take down, rope access technicians can usually get jobs done in a matter of hours with less equipment and more speed.

Don’t think efficiency equates to rushed work, however- technicians take every job seriously and ensure each client is happy with the work completed. For station building work, the likelihood is that the station can stay open to the public, too.

It’s a safe technique

Rope access is one of the safest techniques out there for working in confined or high-up spaces. Every technician trains for years and assesses the risks of every job carefully before getting the work done. A Health and Safety Consultant is always on hand to give advice to workers. While scaffolding can be time-consuming and risky, rope access is fast and every precaution possible is taken to ensure the safety of both our workers and the people below.

A great record

Our team of highly skilled technicians have a great working record and are sure to take whatever task is thrown at them with a smile. We also offer a free inspection and quote, usually within 24 hours of a request, to make sure you’re not waiting around for a job to be complete.

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